Purple background with pink, blue, and green text boxes. At the top of the image it says "About Vase Your Fears." To the right there is a picture of Halima Flynt wearing an orange dress in front of blue skies on the beach. In the "who" text box it says "Vase Your Fears was created by potter, teacher, digital creator, and OCD warrior and advocate, Hali(ma)." In the "what" text box it says "MENTAL HEALTH + OCD THEMED pottery* that is meant to: spread OCD awareness, bring encouragement during OCD recovery, help you face your fears." In the "where" text box it says "Pots are made in the VYF studio in Durham, NC and shipped right to your doorstep.  Shop here on the website and follow @vaseyourfears on Instagram and TikTok for all things pottery and all things Mental Health + OCD." In the "why text box it says "I LOVE MAKING ART! AND I LOVE ADVOCACY!  So why not do both at once while also simultaneously leaning into my own anxiety and making work that will hopefully help others feel empowered to do the same?! AND CUZ...WHY NOT?" In the "when" text box it says "New VYF pots, jewelry, and more will be added to the shop as often as possible. HOLLA if you would like to commission something! MAYBE a pot with your intrusive thought on it, your favorite OCD recovery saying, or a drawing of something that scares you!"