5 Ways to Find OCD Community

5 Ways to Find OCD Community

1. Instagram

The OCD community on the gram is STRONG! I have met some of the sweetest souls on IG. How? Slide into those DMs. There is probs a 98% chance you’ll make a new OCD friend (nothing is certain tho lolz). People with OCD are the KINDEST people on the planet. Full stop. And it’s always great practice to put yourself out there and exercise that vulnerability muscle. If someone doesn’t respond…don’t let that get ya down cuz there are a bunch of people that will!


2. Support Groups and Treatment

Support groups and treatment environments are great places to meet others with OCD. It’s a safe space to connect over common experiences and make bonds that have the potential to last a lifetime! Ask your therapist about local, in-person support groups. And if there isn’t one…maybe you could start one! Virtual support groups are also a great option. One great thing about technology is that it has the potential to bring wonderful people into our lives that we maybe wouldn’t have met otherwise. Your therapist may have some ideas about these too. Also check out iocdf.org and treatmyocd.com, they have pages on their websites specifically dedicated to connecting people to support groups. If you join one and it doesn’t feel like your vibe…don’t give up! Try another one and see what you think. I’m sure there is one out there that will feel like a good fit!


3. Special Interest Groups (SIG)

We are not our OCD. We are complex, beautiful people with interests, passions, goals, dreams…and we have OCD. What is something you’re interested in? For me- it’s creativity! I loveeee art and creating art with others. The IOCDF’s Creative Expression SIG was my perfect match and I’m so thankful that I get to lead it along side Erika, an insta friend that turned into a friend IRL (check her out on Instagram @scrupulocd_kc). There are SIGs for SO MANY topics/interests. And if there isn’t one that matches your energy…maybe you could start one! As we know, nothing in life is certain…but I’m prettttty certain that if you are interested in creating something that aligns with your passion…other people are out there looking for that too.


4. IRL (In Real Life) Encounters

This may take some time…or it may not be your thing and that’s totally fine…but OCD connections can happen IRL!! There are so many people on this planet. And so many people have OCD. You may even already have a friend that has OCD and not know it. If you’re comfortable, begin to share more about your mental health journey with friends and in public spaces. Who knows? Maybe you’ll bring it up and someone else in the room will be so thankful that you did! This takes time so don’t get discouraged and also there is no shame if this doesn’t feel like the best approach for you.


5. IRL Support Group for Adults with Lived Experience

If you are in the NC Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill), come and join the in-person support group that I facilitate! Every 2nd Thursday of the month, I host a support group at Takes a Village Space in Raleigh, NC. The first one is on Thursday, June 13th, 6:30-8pm. There is a suggested donation of $5 to help contribute to drinks and snacks, but it is in no way required. Here is the link to sign-up.

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